Good Paying Trade Careers You Can Work From Home

In this website we want to bring you information on how to find a list of good paying trade careers you can work from home. We’ll only concentrate in traded careers path such as Plumber, HVAC, Auto Mechanic to name a few.  We’ll add more courses as time permit so please bookmark our site and come back often.

Since there are a lot of schools springing up all over the cities and it’s difficult to keep up. Thus in this website we’ve installed a script where it can help you locate list of good paying careers near you. All that you do is to give them your information.

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1Our first work at home career of choice is Plumber.


Is being a plumber a good paying trade career?

Plumbing contractors are liable for a great deal greater than unclogging commodes and taking care of dripping taps. They assist to make drinking water safe, keeping basements completely dry, safeguard residences and businesses from fires and add to well-watered grass and gardens. And when exhausted property owners wonder at the way they resolve difficult plumbing problems. They are heroes, as well.

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There are three kinds of Plumbers. The starter is called Plumber Apprentice.  Plumber apprentice is someone who is taking plumber classes at night and during the day he/she works under a licensed plumber either by a union organization or your local neighborhood plumber organization.  Next higher up is called Journeyman Plumber.  A Journeyman plumber is someone who is already an accomplished plumber apprentice, and he is now taking state plumber journey license and passes.  Normally state license exam will have a total of 120 questions.  Last but not least is Master Plumber. You’re qualified to take state exam to become master plumber after you’ve worked and passed Journeyman Plumber exam. The exam will consist of 170 questions.

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Plumbing Apprentice Requirement

You must be at least 18 years of age and you will need a minimum of GED to become plumbing apprentice.

Starter Plumbing Course Cost

Normally plumbing course can be taken online and the cost is less than 1000. It can take between 6 to 8 months to finish the course.

What Plumbing Careers Need?

One of the most important skills you must have is Math and people’s skills.  A plumbing career is really wonderful for you if you are handy and good with tools.  Furthermore, if you would like working with your head as well as not mind getting your hands dirty.  As a plumber, you will need to call upon math skill to calculate varieties of plumbing necessities so if you hate math plumbing may not be a great career for you.  However, everything is taught and so if you have an aptitude for learning and love working with your hands do not let this deter you from making career decision.

Plumber Salary

Plumber’s salary is varied based on where you live.  As an apprentice, you may stand to make between $15 to $20 per hour. Of course if you’re licensed plumber, you stand to name your own price. Everybody needs a good plumber and so prospective of finding jobs around your neighborhood is very good. National average for a plumber is $41000.

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logoOur second work at home career of choice is HVAC.


Is being a HVAC a good paying trade career?

HVAC is an abbreviation for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Someone who works in this field will be specialized in installation or in maintenance and repair and in all aspects of either heating, air conditioning or refrigeration work.

According to the US labor statistics, HVAC is a very good career to be in.  Like any other traded careers, you will need to have basic apprentice skills and people skills.  If you don’t like to talk to people any of these work at home career is good for you.  You have to have the ability to listen very well to accurately diagnose problems when customers call you.  Only how much an apprentice will learn how to conduct his HVAC duties with a supervisor. However, he is often left alone to figure out for himself what he must do to fix the problem.

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Starter HVAC Course Cost

Normally, HVAC course can be taken online, and the cost is less than $1000.  Many trade schools provide pay as you go plan so makes sure you check with them for financial aid. HAVA course can take between 6 to eight months to complete.

You will need to take class room instructions and work under an HVAC supervisor for few years before you’re allowed to take a test to become HVAC mechanic II.

HVAC Apprentice Requirement

You will need to be at least 18 years of age and have a GED.

What HVAC Careers Need?

One of the most important skills you must have is the listening and the people’s skills.  An HVAC career is really wonderful for you if you are willing to work hard as well as handy with tools.

HVAC Salary

National average for HVAC technician is approximately $41,000.

HVAC Typical Daily Duties

      • Oversee all related HVAC installations.
      • Troubleshoot and repair HVAC equipments.
      • Apply local HVAC codes in a practical manner on each job performed.
      • Need to know layout, design and install low voltage wiring.

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5164573Our third work at home career of choice is Auto Mechanic.


Is being an Auto Mechanic a good paying trade career?

Auto Mechanic is a very good career as there are lot of cars to fix in a day.  A whole lot of auto mechanic schools are readily available online to provide you with the capabilities that you need to have to become a car specialist.

A lot of automotive experts may tell you that the need for an official education on the topic is not needed to end up being effective in the industry, obtaining trainings and an official training in automobile is an excellent financial investment because you could conserve on your very own car upkeep bills and you can even start a little company of your own. It also offers you an advantage over the other automobile technicians.

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Cash and time and are guaranteed factors in deciding on an auto mechanic institution, but there are absolutely cheaper means to go to theses lessons. Just make sure that the program type that auto mechanic college gives you all the crucial and vital lectures and trainings that you will require.

It is extremely important that the auto mechanic school understands the students needs and supplies all the needs. The teachers ought to be able to attend the requirements of all the pupils in the class. Smaller class sizes can assist the trainer in making sure that all the pupils questions are made clear, and permits even more time for the coach to examine on the quality of the result done by the pupils.

Starter Auto Mechanic Course Cost

Normally, an auto mechanic course can be taken online, and the cost is less than $1000.  Many trade schools provide pay as you go plan so makes sure you check with them for financial aid.  Auto Mechanic take less than a year.  For some schools you can start looking for a job in as little as 4 months.

After you graduate from an auto mechanic school you will acquire a diploma.  Please note that this diploma will help you pass the ASE if you choose.  However you will still need to be certified by your state as a certified auto Mechanic before you can own your own shop.  Otherwise you can apply for a job at a nearby auto shop places and work under a certified auto mechanic supervisor.

Auto Mechanic Apprentice Requirement

There is no requirement to work for an auto shop-However you will need to be at least 18 years old to be accredited and licensed by the state.

What an Auto Mechanic Career Needs?

Like your previous work at home trade careers, one of the most important skills you must have is the listening and the people’s skills.  You need to have the listening skill to listen to your customer’s complaints and translate them into actionable steps to fix their car problems.  It’s not always the cheapest guys get the job but those that can listen and an honest mechanic as well as fixes what is absolutely needed at the time.  There are many greedy auto mechanic shops out there who scare the customers into fixing other “not important” items in hope of making more money.

Auto Mechanic Salary

National average for an auto mechanic is approximately $30,000.

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